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Welcome to JetConnect, the social hub for finding others to share a private flight with the same itinerary.

Members can list and find private flights in our user operated database. Our concierge will ensure a seamless booking experience.

Our goal is to bring together YPO members and make the convenience and comfort of private flying more affordable and efficient through sharing. Reduce travel expenses but only travel with trusted community partners.

Connect personally, locally, and globally through travel. Join your peers and become a JetConnect member today.

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Search through our database for flights posted by fellow members. Found a flight that matches your itinerary requirements? Simply click “inquire” to receive more information.

In case the search comes up empty, users can post the desired itinerary in the Flights Wanted section for other users to find or directly request a charter quote through the website.

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Have seats available on your own flight? Post your itinerary on our platform. When a member finds your flight, we will contact you to see if you’re still interested in sharing. Share safely with verified trusted YPO Partners.

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YPO membership is required to become a YPO JetConnect member. Request access by clicking the button below. Once verified, you will have full access to all database features and ready to start searching for listings that fit your needs.